Pacific Clinics

Originally founded as Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic in 1926, Pacific Clinics is now the largest contract provider of services for the mentally ill in Los Angeles County, as well as offering services in four neighboring counties.  Under the leadership of executive director Susan Mandel since 1981, it offers programs for adults, children, transitional-age youth, adults […]

Key California Legislation: AB3777

AB3777, the Wright-Bronzan-McCorquodale Act of 1988, funded three demonstration Integrated Service Agency programs for the mentally ill.  The most well-known of these was MHA’s The Village in Long Beach, which became a model for MHSA.||

Hillview Mental Health Center

Hillview Mental Health Center was founded in 1966 as part of Pacoima Memorial Hospital and continued as an independent entity after the Hospital closed in 1984.  Hillview provides services under contract with LAC-DMH, guided by Chief Executive Officer Eva McCraven and Chief Financial Officer Carl McCraven.  It was among the first agencies in the County […]

Key California Legislation: MHSA

The Mental Health Services Act of 2005 was passed by California voters as Prop 63 in 2004 to expand the innovative service programs already begun in the state for the severely and persistently mentally ill.  The State Department of Mental Health and the mental health advocates who wrote the legistlation saw the implementation of MHSA […]

Proposition 63|||

Project Return

Project Return self-help clubs were started on the East Coast as a way for mental health clients to provide assistance and support to each other.  The Los Angeles Project Return Network begain in 1981 under MHA’s umbrella and grew to more than 60 clubs across the county.  In 1992, Project Return:  The Next Step evolved […]

Mental Health America

Mental Health America: First founded in 1909 by recovered mental health patient Clifford Beers, the national organization carries out educational, advocacy, and lobbying programs on behalf of the mentally ill. The Los Angeles County MHA has been particularly active and visible under the leadership of Rev. Richard Van Horn, Executive Director 1980-2009. Two of its […]

Mental Health Services 2001-2008

Data Reports on availability of beds and services in the early 2000s||||||||||||

Key California Legislation: AB 2034

AB 2034, passed in 1999, funded demonstration programs to reduce homelessness among the mentally ill.  Although the programs showed impressive successes, AB 2034 was defunded in 2008-2009 as a result of the recession and state budget crisis.|||||||||

County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health: Since first established in 1960, LAC-DMH has worked to provide effective mental health treatment and support services for the mentally ill in one of the largest and most diverse counties in the nation. As more patients were released from state hospitals, many to become part of the homeless […]

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