The History and Social Studies of Medicine Program is a community of scholars using a diverse set of research methodologies to understand the health and medical problems of today within their historical and sociocultural context.  Our programs include field and archival research, the development of archival collections, the creation of educational websites, the sponsorship of fellowships and of lecture and seminar programs.  Through our research and collaborative projects, we seek to better understand and evaluate the best practices for providing health services in Los Angeles, by uniting the expertise of academic historians and social scientists with the experience of health providers and policy makers.

The program is led by Philippe Bourgois, PhD, Joel Braslow, MD, PhD, and includes Enrico Castillo, MD, Ippolytos Kalofanos, MD, PhD, Marcia Meldrum, PhD; Sarah Starks, Program Scientist; and Russell Johnson, History of Biomedical Sciences Archivist; Ronald Calderon, Staff Research Assistant.

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Our major projects in 2020 include:

1) a multi-year evaluation and study of the implementation of Assisted Outpatient Treatment in Los Angeles County.

2) the Rangell Project to bring psychoanalysis into the 21st century through seminars and research collaborations.

3) the Mental Illness and Incarceration Conference scheduled for April 18, 2020

4) an essay history of the Society for Neuroscience 1969-2019 and a supporting multi-media website