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“HopeStory” began in a discussion between Dr. Marvin J. Southard, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, and Dr. Joel Braslow, Neuroscience History Professor at UCLA, about plans to commemmorate the 50th Anniversary of LAC DMH in 2010. As it quickly became clear that there was a lot of interesting material, both historical and current, to present, they decided to create both an archive based at UCLA and an educational website. Kumar Menon, Director of Community and Government Relations at LAC DMH, was our DMH liaison, and the UCLA team developing the website included Troy Gabrielson, Richell Jose, Marcia Meldrum, Kevin Miller, Howard Padwa, and Rebecca Wilkinson. “Voices of Mental Illness” was produced by Katie Cadigan of Katie Cadigan Productions and the other videos on the site by Jinah Kim and her team at WorldWise Productions.


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